Some Facts About TeamSpeak 3 Server

Gone are the days when people used to type messages and have a chat with people at the time of playing online games with their friends on the internet. With the help of TeamSpeak server, one can have a real-time conversation with their gaming friends on the web while enjoying their favorite multiplayer games virtually. Games hosted on these servers can be retrieved by a lot of clients at the same time. TeamSpeak 3 server makes use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) to start real-time communication and can also be used in applications other than playing games.

Two of the key advantages of games hosted by way of TeamSpeak servers consist of excellent voice clarity with 3D special effects as well as real-time conversation. You can even transference files over it. The files are stored on Team Speak servers online.

Setting Up TeamSpeak Server

Here are the steps on setting up TeamSpeak server on a Windows operating system:

•    Download the application from an authorized website and make sure that you choose the Microsoft Windows version of TeamSpeak.
•    Run the transferred TeamSpeak setup file to start the installation procedure.
•    If you are asked whether you wish to install the software, click on 'Yes.'
•    Accept all the conditions on the license agreement after reading them.
•    Select the location where you would like to install the application and then click 'Next.'
•    Continue with the steps and then begin the set up by clicking on 'Install.'
•    After some time, you would be asked to either run the software or click on 'Finish.'

You can only launch the server application from your Windows start menu or via double-clicking on the desktop icon. As soon as the application gets started, you will get to see a small icon at the lower right-hand side on the taskbar.

TeamSpeak 3 is the newest version which has got enhanced voice quality as well as latency. While playing over TeamSpeak servers, the gamers would not feel any sound coming back, feedback or any background sounds. The time is taken for the voice to the receiver also recognized as latency has been taken care of considerably.

Directing A Subdomain To A TeamSpeak Server With The Aid Of An SRV Record

Straight out of the box most of the domain name providers let you quickly as well as easily outfit a subdomain on your account, which can easily redirect traffic flow to your TeamSpeak 3 server. And for making that happen, you just need to add an SRV record. At this point is a quick tutorial on how to fix the TeamSpeak SRV record in cPanel that is standard software used by a lot of web server hosting enterprises. If the hosting company is not making use of the cPanel, then you might have to email them to probe them how to add an SRV record.

Transmitting A Subdomain To A TeamSpeak 3 Server Without An SRV Record

Let us suppose that you are one of those unlucky ones who’s server/domain provider to add an SRV record. In its place, you would have to make use of a third party provider to have a subdomain that can transmit traffic to your TeamSpeak 3 server.

There are a number of companies that offer a send on service for a small charge. What this service does is that it gives you a one-year subscription that allows you to attain the similar flexibility as the free of cost option mentioned above. It is simple to make use of, and after a few hours, you would be able to see that you can now take advantage of a subdomain with no port number joint to connect to your TeamSpeak 3 server.