Google Ads for App Installs: Easy and Feasible Way to Target the Mobile Users

Realizing your mobile application becomes a daunting experience without Google ads for app install. Starting with an idea, choosing the content, adjusting the endless design combinations and final step publishing the app on the Google store will bring your app on the Google ad world.

How these apps appear on the mobile?

The application appears on the Google adds for app install on both the android and iOS device. On an android device, the apps automatically excluded from showing that are already installed on the device. If a person uninstalls the application from the mobile, the Google automatically target the user by showing the app on the ad list.

The targeting for the search is the traditional method mean keyword selection. Google’s keyword for app install movement in search helps in finding the app on the Google play or Google search. The benefit of Adwords is it automatically tracks the conversions of any android app.

How does Google help in Universal App campaign?

Google is now updating its universal app campaign to App advertising in India and globally. The developers can use this ad campaign to promote the apps across the Google properties. The reports show the double the volume of the apps were installed driven by the ads and has delivered more than 2 million downloads to the developers.

The Google has also enhanced developers ability to target the consumers through the universal app campaign. The company gives the benefit to the developers to expose their apps on the previously designed campaigns.

Keep some points before posting ads on campaigns

The explosive growth in the mobile usage leads to the growth of the mobile ads and has created an ultra competition in the market. If you are developer who is thinking to run, analyze, and optimizing the app install as campaign, keep few things in mind are as follows:

• Running app install campaigns boost organic growth and generate the volume of installs for organic and paid sources.
• Measurement of the app install campaign performance is tricky.
• Beware of the double and triple charges for posting the Google ads for app install.
• Figuring out the best ad network that drives the best install
• Cohort analysis is the best tool to understand the user behavior and target the new group accordingly.