3 Challenges (With Solutions) of Mobile Monetization

The world of Mobile apps is growing. So is the industry of mobile advertisement. Charging even the minimal amount for your app might prove to be dangerous. Why? Fewer downloads! In this brutal competition, standing on the face of all the challenges is tough. Monetizing your app to serve up ads is a convenient option, but it has its share of problems. It is better to be aware than to regret. Let us find out some mobile monetization challenges.

Lack of Engagement Due to Distraction Caused by Ads

Too many ads upset the app users and distract them. This causes a lack of engagement because the user ends up shutting down the app and gradually uninstalling it. A study by Compuware suggests that 80 % to 90% of all mobile apps eventually end being uninstalled.

Solution: Incentivize your users. Incentive based ads tend to gain user engagement. Incentives exist in the form of some discounts, virtual currency, free upgrade for gaming, etc.

Dearth of Relevant Ads

Now that you have made sure that your ads are incentivized, think about this- Your users only see these ads because of the incentive. It does not help you if there is no activity on those ads. Activity happens only if you serve relevant ads

Solution: Partner with a Mobile Monetization Platform that makes sure that the ads that are served on your app are relevant. These platforms track the user interest behavior helping you serve relevant ads.

Getting Quality Advertisers

Most of the times, mobile ads on your app are not of high quality. Even if you have made sure that your app serves relevant ads, these ads might not be pleasing. You can serve ads and make your users accept them, but you cannot particularly make them like those ads. A user spends a major fraction of his time of mobile, and you do not want this experience to be unpleasant.

Solution: Have a person review the ads running on your platform. Make sure the ads that your app shows are aesthetically pleasing and interactive.

Mobile monetization is a critical step. Take it with caution. Go ahead and get your app monetized.