WMS Management Suite to Add Value to Your Cold Storage Business

Cold storage is a growing industry, and most eRetailers are seeking out an inventory management system to streamline business processes. ColdEX is India’s leading cold chain company that offer temperature sensitive food products. They have enabled Vin eRetail WMS in their business to improve return on investments.

ColdEx was awarded ‘India’s Best Cold Chain Logistics Service Provider’ have faced major challenges & roadblocks in their business. By implementing an effective warehousing software solution, they have eliminated all the major roadblocks and now experiencing smooth & streamlined business operations. All this have become possible with the help of specialized software Vin eRetail WMS that provide real-time information to a warehouse facility.

An automated inventory & warehouse management system help produce greater efficiencies within organizations. This results in a substantial saving in costs and increased profits. It has been clear that when inventories are managed manually, organizations have to invest high cost and accuracy will decrease that will damage customer experience as well.

A right approach is in selecting a Cloud enabled warehouse & inventory management suite with proven to experience successful management system. There is no substitute for success in this modern business world......Read more