6 Amazing Features of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus is a spectacular-looking phone that comes with large, distinctive curved screen that is united with a metal chassis and Gorilla Glass backing. The sleek look, improved camera, and extra RAM has made S6 edge plus an undeniably impressive phone. The display is more bright, clear and vivid than its predecessors. So if you are looking for a smartphone to buy then Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus is unquestionably good choice to ponder over. Have a look at its fanciful features that makes Galaxy S6 one of the best premium smartphones in India.

Excellent View

The phone is equipped with a larger dual-edge display. This phone has the capability to give more depth to your movies, and breathes life into your games. With this giant screen, viewing pictures and movies is an absolute joy for the users.

Playing Favourites

The Edge Plus is furnished with an advanced feature that let the user consign a colour and place on people edge to five of your favourite contacts. By simply swiping inwards from the Edge Handle, you can easily reach your favourite contacts at any time.

Better Selfies

The phone comes with Advanced Selfie technology for front cameras so that you can capture better selfies than ever. Edge Plus is fortified with a host of superb filters that are especially designed to accentuate your best features.

More than Words

If you think words are not enough to express what you feel for some special person, then Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus is the right phone for you. You can send a poke or an emoticon to your People Edge contacts.

Four Stories

With Galaxy S6 edge plus, you can effortlessly capture the best moments of life by activating the camera’s Collage mode. You can even shoot four video clips and conglomerate them into one awesome video collage.

Power On

Galaxy S6 edge plus comes with better battery life and fast charging capabilities. You can easily go from a flat battery to full charge in just 90 minutes. With cable charging, you can shoot videos or play games with minimal interruptions.

Final Word

As discussed in the article, Galaxy S6 edge plus is a superb phone with breakthrough dual-edge, immersive display, and live video sharing in real time and a lot of big thrills. So, if you are planning to buy Galaxy S6 edge plus then don’t forget to browse the different website for S6 edge Plus Price to get best deals and offers on the phone.