Samsung Gear VR: Utilizes Your Phone’s Power

Samsung Gear VR is basically amobile virtual reality headset which takes you into a virtual world and is a joint venture of Samsung and oculus VR. There are many devices that are compatible with the Oculus VR and this device acts as a headset’s display and also its processor. Gear VR unit contains very high field of view lenses and also an IMU for tracking. This IMU connects to the device with the help of a micro-USB. This IMU is very accurate and has a lower latency which proves it to be very good option.

Attractive Features

Display- It has an amazing display with the super AMOLED display. It brings reality to the virtual and when you put on Gear VR you feel like you are in another world. With its cut to cut head tracking and low latency makes it the coolest gadget of all time.

Download exciting games and feel them- it’s very easy to enter into the exciting virtual world with the help of Gear VR. No matter what you want to do, it will be there for you for each and every thing. Whether it’s playing a game or taking a virtual action or watching any video or it could be anything. The possibilities are endless with Gear VR.

Own your home theatre- have you ever dreamt of having your personal home theatre? Well it can be possible with the help of Gear VR. Feel free from the outside distractions. Just sit and relax and you will feel like you are watching your favorite movies and videos in a multiplex.

Design- if you want to reach to new heights you will certainly need a comfortable headset and also with a wider interface. Gear VR is 19% lighter than its previous versions and it is very easy to carry and with the help of large touchpad you can get accurate control.

Adventures – anything is possible that you could dream of once you are inside Gear VR. You can go with the Aladdin magic carpet or may fly like a Spiderman. You would not be ever run out of the exciting adventures with this lot of games.

With the VR headset, there are number of games available and examples are First steps, esper and proton pulse.

Compatible devices- Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy note S6/S6 Edge and Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

Summary- Samsung Gear VR is a future of the new medium. It’s comfortable, easy to handle and also accessible. With this you can do many exciting things. But its limitation is that it is compatible with limited only with few no of Software.