Basis Of Comparison: S6 Edge Vs Iphone 6

Comparison is one method for people to shop for smartphones in the most satisfactory manner. Since the modern day customers have multiple options available so they are little confused and overwhelmed all the time about which one to buy. There are several brands, which have various options available as per the budget and tech preferences. But, the customers also compare the handsets from different brands to make the perfect choice. For example, if you are confused that which one to prefer if it comes to s6 edge vs iPhone 6, then a detailed comparison process will be required.

The best way to conduct this comparison in least possible time is to choose the credible online blog or tech website, where detailed information about all the leading and existing smartphone gadgets is available. On these platforms, you not only get the detailed feature information about the gadgets but price information as well. Along with this, you can read about user reviews and also compare the user ratings. All these things will help you to have a life, which is better understanding of which device suits better with your requirements. There are challenges, which people face in finding all this information manually. But, if you follow a social media handle of tech blogger or professional reviewer or read their blog, then you can get the unbiased information easily and finalize that which handset to shop for.

As long as s6 edge vs iPhone 6 is concerned, you can simply choose to review their key features with each other and then also compare the prices for both. Design, display, software, battery life, performance, camera and value for money are some of the key elements on the basis of which comparison study is conducted. While talking about the display screen, the device by Samsung has 5.1 inches of screen, whereas the iPhone handset has 5.5 inches of screen. Along with this, the respective resolution of these two is 1440x2560 pixels and 1080x1920.

As far as the style element is concerned white, gold, blue and green colors are available in Samsung device. The iPhone device is available is silver, gold and space gray. S6 edge has 3GB of RAM and Samsung Exynos 7420 1.5GHz octa-core processor. IPhone 6 runs on A8 and has 1GB of RAM. There are various other key features, based on which, you can conduct your comparison study and finalize the handset, which would satisfy your needs.