Samsung Smartphone in India - A new revolution

With technology boom all over the world, the definition of having phone has got changed completely. As many companies are coming up day by day with new revolution, it is very difficult to have one smart phone all the time. In India, smart phone revolution has come from the brands like Samsung. Previously there were no smart phones, but after Samsung came into the market, the concept of having smart phone has totally got changed. Samsung Smartphone in India has evolved as best smart phone manufacturer with its new and innovative design every time. Some of the smart phones which Samsung has launched in India are.

Available smart phones in Samsung

·         Samsung Galaxy On7 - It is one of the new smart phones which Samsung has launched recently in India. It is sleek in design, and comes with camera features which let users to take pictures in higher resolution, and enjoy better selfies. It also comes with better 4g LTE support which enables users to enjoy better connectivity on the go.

·         Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - It is also one of the best smart phones, which Samsung has launched for its customers in India. Its versatile design makes it look an item of luxury. For those who are style conscious must grab this. This smart phone from Samsung comes with high performance along with stylish looks.

·         Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Comes with a pocket friendly price of 39k; this smart phone from Samsung is uniquely designed to meet the needs of young professionals in India. Who loves to carry their work, and their personal data along wherever they go. This smart phone comes with AMOLED display which makes reading and browsing experience of more fun. It also comes with S pen, which helps users to improve their digital handwriting.

Galaxy E7  It is one of the mid budgeted phones from Samsung priced around 17k, comes with some of the unique features. It also comes with AMOLED display which enhances viewing experience very delightful. The camera of Galaxy E7 let users enjoy capturing photos with just a voice command, or with a simple palm touch on the screen. Users can also take pictures in wide angles, making it easier to take selfie with group of friends.