Get Impressed With One Of The Best Smartphones

Samsung undoubtedly introduced the Galaxy Note 4 smartphone as one of the greatest mobile phone. Later on there were other Samsung models that hit the market.  It can be said that Note 4 is the most powerful handsets now. It has easily become popular in many regions due to its excellent screen and the battery that is long lasting. The survey all over the world reviewed a large scale availability of this device in the market.

A marked difference with the other handsets
  • The plastic build was initially criticised and so Samsung struck a fine balance between plastic and metal. The mobile is made of aluminium with the corners a bit flared. The device is not only taller but also thicker and even slightly heavier.
  • The device appears to be sophisticated as it has a metallic trim which is black in colour. The edges are bevelled with silver giving it an ecstatic look.
  • The stylish mobile has a home button that is silver trim, similarly is the flash, the camera lens and the heart-rate sensor along with the stylus has a silver tip.
  • The users loved the fact that the handset has a subdued Faux-leather rear.  If you compare it with Note 5, this device has a better feel.
  • We can say that this is different because the power button is on the right and the volume rockers on the left. The other things as the IR blaster, headphone port and pinhole mic are all enclosed by a metal frame.
  • The display of the Note 4 is the best as per the Samsung users in comparison to other smartphones. It displays heavy saturation which is the reason the users are its fan. The 5.7 AMOLED screens are quite perfect to make any type of adjustments in the settings of the screen according to your preference.
  • The device is not very old but it shows to be new in the market with it sharp, rich and super bright colours. The pixel density is of 515 ppi which is impressive for viewing angles.
  • Galaxy Note 4 is nothing but Stylus pen. You will agree to purchase this model because it has a special multitasking tool that surpasses the device.
  • As soon as you remove the Spen, the Air Command Window is immediately launched which allows the operation of smart select screen white and action memo.