Digital Signature Software: What it meant for Corporate Clients?

From the time of Romans, the signs and seals have been primarily used as the most accepted means of authentication. With the invention the telegraph in the 1830s was the time when electronic communications came into existence. In the present scenario, digital signatures have eliminated the concept of manual document signs. Mainly, it is useful for the corporate businesses that most of the time use online modes for business communication, like e-mail, social media, and instant messaging apps. This will also help to maintain authenticity of legal documents, court papers, business e-files, etc. The internet gives you a number of options for digital signature software, so that clients can select at their own by evaluating their main needs. is known to offer world-class facilities to their customers’ that help in the proper execution of business documents.  
What is Digital Signature?

Digital signature is the new form of electronic signatures this concept derived from sending & receiving the coded message on the online space. It’s a unique concept that is beneficial to both the document sender and who receive document, as it binds both of them together in fully protected manner. The digital signature ensures the authenticity of the online documents that is the most important part of a business.

With digital signatures certain factors can be assured that include:

• Authenticity
• Accountability
• Data integrity
• Safety of electronic documents and mails

Digital signatures vs. handwritten signatures

From the legal perspective, both the handwritten and digital signatures are validated, but still digital signatures ensure authenticity of documents. The reason is, there are no chances to make any additional changes in the digitally signed documents, but with handwritten signs anyone can easily invalidate the signatures.

Digital Signature vs. electronic signature

The main difference between digital signatures and electronic signatures are based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) that guarantees data integrity and stops non-repudiation of documents. Whereas, the e-signs has no defined standards to ensure security of documents. Anyone can easily copy, modify and make forgery with electronic signs.


The use of digital signature software is to create signature as needed by customers. This is a great opportunity for both the sender and receiver of a message, because of the assurance of protection & safety standards. With the help of encryption, the main contents of a message hides and it is not possible to change an encrypted message.


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